Women’s Health
Churchill Road Medical Centre is a bulk billing general practice with a number of male and female doctors available. It is just 6kms from the Adelaide CBD on the corner of Alexandra Street and Churchill Road in Prospect, providing convenient access to patients in Prospect, Kilburn, Blair Athol, Enfield, Nailsworth and Brompton. There is a bus stop at the front door (BUS STOP 12) and ample off street car parking.
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Women’s Health

We provide a range of women’s health services including but not limited to:


  • Pap smears
  • Breast screening examinations
  • Implantable contraception insertions
  • Pregnancy testing




Implanon is a reliable form of long acting contraception. Implanon is a small plastic rod containing the contraceptive hormone protestogen. The rod is inserted under the skin in the upper arm using local anaesthetic. It then releases hormones slowly which provides contraception for 3 years.


​Implanon is more than 99% effective at preventing conception. Some women will find that their periods stop completely, however some will experience irregular periods. At the end of 3 years, Implanon will need to be removed or replaced.


​Several doctors at Churchill Road Medical Centre are trained to insert Implanon. If you have any questions about contraception or Implanon please book in with one of our doctors.